GSCNC Main Shop

The GSCNC main shop is located at the headquarters at 4301 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington DC. Check the website for hours; it is closed on various holidays. If you take the Metro, it’s the Van Ness-UDC stop. If you drive, turn into Veazey Terrace Drive NW so that you can park in the underground garage. As you enter the garage, you’ll have to stop and get a ticket from the electronic parking kiosk. The first level you drive down to is parking for the Giant grocery store only; drive to the levels below and park closest to the elevators. (Bring your parking ticket with you, and you’re done at the shop, be sure to get it stamped at the front desk so that you don’t have to pay for parking.) In the elevators, you’ll want to press M for mezzanine level.  When the doors open, turn left and keep following the hallways until you get to the front of the building, where you’ll see the glass double doors to the Girl Scout offices on the right.

Mini Shops

Please click on the links for current hours of each shop.
Centreville, VA: 5952 Centreville Crest Lane
This shop may be difficult to find the first time you drive there. When you turn onto St. Germain Drive and enter the shopping center, go to the first stop sign, then turn left. Go all the way to the end of the parking lot (the international grocery store will be on your left) and take a right turn. You’ll see a series of storefronts along the right, and the GS shop will be one of them.

Gaithersburg, MD: 18401 Woodfield Road Suite A

Martinsburg, WV: 153 McMillan Court

Mobile Shop

You can place an order by phone, fax or email and pick up it when the mobile shop stops nearest to you. For more information, visit


Girl Scouts of the USA Shop
Other councils operate online shops; if you’re looking for something in particular, do a Google search of the item.

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